My God, we love this all Neoprene Open Chin Hood, the large open mouth and chin allow you to kiss, suck cock, eat ass, breathe easily or wrap your mouth around anything else you want to stick in there. Soft stretchable 2mm neoprene molds over your face. The way this hood is styled, you can’t see any light when it is pulled down over your head, but you can breathe easily thru the 2 nose holes even when you have a Big Dick down your throat or if another kind of gag is strapped in your mouth. Plus it just looks fucking Hot!

The Mr. S cocksucker hood comes with a back zip to make getting the hood on and off much easier. They have also added binding around the collar for added strength. Great improvements to make this an even better hood.

This is also a great hood for sleeping in if you’re inclined to do that since it has no possibility for any breathing problems while you are asleep.

How to measure:
– Brow Measurement: Measure just above the eyebrow going behind the head in as straight a line as possible.
– Neck Measurement: Standard “collar fit” measurement just below Adam’s apple.

Size chartBrowNeck
Medium23,5 in ~ 59,7 cm16,5 in ~ 42 cm
Large25,5 in ~ 64,8 cm18,5 in ~ 47 cm