If you’ve ever dreamed about being that anonymous cock sucking pig taking on any and every hard cock that comes your way then you’ll love the Neo Air Mesh Cocksucker Hood. The perforated neoprene is breathable and allows you to see when you’re being an anon cock whore.

As your surroundings get darker you definitely won’t see as clearly but you’ll still be able to make out shapes- like that big cock you’re about to deepthroat!

A great solution for being as piggy as you want to be while staying anonymous.

Medium: Neck Size: up to 16,5 inches ~ 42 cm, Brow Size: up to 23,5 inches ~ 59,7 cm
Large: Neck Size: up to 18,5 inches ~ 47 cm, Brow Size: up to 25,5 inches ~ 64,7 cm

Brow Measurement: Measure just above the eyebrow going behind the head in as straight a line as possible.
Neck Measurement: Standard “collar fit” measurement just below Adam’s apple.