The Trojan Jock is the perfect complement to the Trojan Body Harness but looks sexy as fuck all on its own too. Two hidden D-rings on the waistband let you easily attach the harness. Crafted from soft garment leather with a latigo leather belt. The belt is adjustable so you can get an exact fit. The all garment leather butt straps also have three levels of adjustability.

It comes with either silver or brass hardware

What makes the Trojan Jock really fun is the sheer versatility you get with you. You can wear it with or without a harness. If you’re feeling a little frisky just remove the buttstraps for a great, bare ass look. The belt is also removable so you can wear just the pouch with your harness for that next to naked feeling. However you wear it, you’ll look like a sex warrior!

Please note that the black d-rings were designed to have a harness clipped into them, not the front o-rings. The o-rings are a design feature and will not fit the clips of the Trojan Body Harness.

Small / Medium30-35 inch76-89 cm
Large / Extra large35-40 inch89-101,5 cm

Harness and back strap not included