These are only the cockstraps (incl. 2″ cockring) that attaches to the Trojan Body Harness, this does not include the complete harness! . You can find the matching Trojan Harness here.

Get a pair of cockstraps to go with your uber masculine Trojan Body Harness. Every step you take will give you a nice tug on your meat that will have you sporting wood.

How to size: Measure the distance from the ring by your chest (see images for appropriate location if you do not already have the harness) to the top of your cock. Try not to hunch over as you do it. Don’t worry about the measurement being off by an inch or so – the adjustability in the harness and the buckle in the cockstrap will make the fit right.

Size chartMeasurement
Standard14 – 16 inch ~ 35,6 – 40,6 cm
Long16 – 18 inch ~ 40,6 – 45,7 cm