The Hunter Harness 2.0 gives you the feel of a chest harness with the utility and style of leather suspenders.

Black buckles add just the right amount of detail to bring attention to your chest, and let you adjust the harness to exactly the right fit. Adjustable snaps make it easy to clip into front belt loops to show off your cum gutters, lats, and abs.

When you’re ready to play, this harness looks great while shirtless with a pair of jeans or with one of the Mr. S Leather Jocks. For a classy leather look, you can wear this harness over a tight fitting button down shirt, tight pants, and a pair of combat boots.

Bodybuilders fear not – multiple levels of adjustability let you really grow with this piece.

Replace the torso straps with a set of Hunter Harness Cockstraps when you want to wear this with a cloth jock without d-rings, or just as a stand-alone piece.

Sizing: With three snaps on the side straps, two snaps on the shoulder straps, four snaps on the torso straps, plus the buckles at the shoulders, you’ll find that one size will fit many.

However, for the truly beefy guys, there is the Extra Long size, which is perfect for guys with a chest measurement over 46” and guys over 6’2” with a chest bigger than 42”.

Click here for the optional Cockstrap for the Hunter Harness.