These are only the cockstraps (incl. 2″ cockring) that attaches to the Hunter Harness, this does not include the complete harness. You can find the Black Hunter Harness here and the Piped Hunter Harness here.

Amp up your game and snag a pair of matching Cockstraps for the new Hunter Harness 2.0. You get a nice tug on your cock with every step you take and it just looks fucking hot as the straps really accentuate your body. This addition to the uber popular Hunter Harness takes that guy’s eyes down below the belt. The two cockstraps carry the sexy leather strapping from the underarm hardware right down the cum gutters to a cockring. Straighten up, shoulders back, chest out and feel a satisfying tug on your junk. Snaps at the top end of the strap let you get just the right tension. Snaps on the bottom end let you change out the cockring for one of your favorites.

Standard black 2 inch metal cockring included. Available in all black or piped with the same color options as the Hunter Harness