The most classic of leather chaps and the most popular at Mr. S Leather ever. Heavy thick leather covers your legs yet they keep your real assets free. Sturdy construction and heavy duty zippers help make these the chaps that will last a lifetime.

Unlike cheaper versions, their chaps and pants are made from one single hide, so there is no “split-seam” at the knee. Instead you get one beautiful, continuous piece of leather from the waist to the feet. It’s a more expensive way to make them, but the look and fit is worth it.

Comes with a slightly lower-rising buckle waistband with silver hardware. We will need your waist measurement, thigh measurement (select under the color dropdown), and inseam length with your boots on. Please remember, if you are wearing these over jeans, (I know this may be tough, but..) take the measurements with your pants on!

Do Not just send us your Jean Sizes. Generally those jean sizes are not your actual measurements.

Have a friend do the measurements. Never measure yourself. Pull the tape ‘snugly’. Do Not allow ‘extra’ in your measurements around the parts of your body.
The following 3 measurements are what we need for a standard pair of the Mr. S Leather Chaps.

How to measure:
WAIST: Measure around your body over the waistband of a pair of jeans that ride and fit you the way you will want these Leather Chaps to ride and fit you. Do not measure over your belt. If you are going to be wearing jeans under these chaps, then make sure you measure with the jeans on you that you will be wearing with your chaps

THIGH: (select under the color dropdown) Measure around the thigh about 2 inch ~ 5 cm below the crotch, at the Widest part. Be sure to wear the pair of jeans that you might be wearing under your chaps when doing this measurement. If you plan to only wear your new leather chaps with nothing else on underneath, then have yourself measured while naked.

INSEAM: From the Crotch seam down the inside of your leg to the Top of the Heel of the boots you will be wearing. Be sure to wear the boots with the highest heel that you might be wearing when you are wearing your leather chaps. Again, have someone else do this measurement. Do no give us your jean inseam.

Important: Accurate measurements for ordering Mr. S Leather Chaps are essential to get a correct fit. If your size is not listed please contact us and we can see if we can order one made to your size.