You can choose the thigh measurement in the color-dropdown menu.

These chap shorts are truly stunning – The designers at Mr. S have taken the best features of the classic leather chaps and modernized the fit and function.

Like with a classic pair of chaps, the front and back are open for business. The front opening is cut tight to the groin to highlight and draw attention to what you’re packing. Throw on a cockring and a tight jock, and the boys at the bar will be lining up to get a piece of your meat.
The back has been tailored to cup each of your glutes just right to give you a little extra lift – there’s nothing better than a pair of glutes framed in sexy black cowhide.

Unlike traditional chaps, the hems are finished mid-thigh to highlight your lower legs and quads, and they’ve chosen to use a lightweight garment leather; these shorts will allow your legs breathe and offer more flexibility for dancing, getting on your knees, or bending over the bed.
Because of the shorter legs, they were able to remove the outside zipper and replace it with a pair of pockets that are great for holding your phone or wallet. Snap the pockets closed and your belongings won’t get lost while you’re getting railed in a dark alley behind the bar.

When selecting a size, it’s very important to know your thigh circumference so you get a skin-tight fit in the legs. Using a cloth measuring tape, measure the meatiest part of your thigh, about mid-way down your upper leg. Make sure to do this with your full weight on both legs, and do not pull the tape too tight – having a friend help is always a good idea.

Waist sizing is determined by your true waist size. Usually this ends up being 1-3 inches larger than your denim jean size. Like with your thigh, use a cloth measuring tape to measure your waist where your jeans would normally sit. Be careful not to pull the tape too tight.

Size Chart

Small30-33 inch ~ 76-84 cm
Medium34-37 inch ~ 86 – 94 cm
Large38-41 inch ~ 96 – 104 cm