THRUSTER was created by Oxballs for comfort wear and use, it’s made from their signature FLEX-TPR so it’s squishy n’ blubbery but grips your dong like a firm hand.

THRUSTER is a super stretchy full sized cockring that’s not gonna pinch or strangle the hell outta your hog…yeowch!

Wear it to the bar, gym, or even work…nothin’ like goin’ through your day with a chubbed up dick straining in your jock or snaking down your leg for all to see…

Placing the large ball under your nuts pushes your junk up n’ out for a heftier lookin’ package. Looks fuckin’ hot bulgin’ in some tight gear or thin gym-shorts.

Material: FLEX-TPR, non-toxic and phthalate free
Lube safe: Water-based

Approx. measurements:
Thickness: 0,75 – 1 inch ~ 19,1 – 25,4 mm
Outside Circumference: 7,5 inch ~ 90,5 mm
Inside Circumference: 3,75 inch ~ 95,3 mm
Inside diameter: 1,18 inch ~ 30 mm