Wouldn’t it be nice to get fucked for a LONG session…really fuck like a porn star…without your hole getting sore or sloppy loose? By one guy or ganged by as many as you can line up…this plug lets you take it like a pro.

Shaped so it fits your hole like it was custom fit and made from OXBALLS skin-flex platinum silicone. It warms up to your body temp fast, has enough strength to keep your butt-pucker open. The walls of this plug are thin and strong, but every thrust will stretch your hole.

The PIG-HOLE comes in 5 different sizes, ranging from the size for guys that are already capable of taking a huge dick to the guys who are experts at stretching their holes and no stranger to xxl toys.

How to get the thing in: LUBE inside and out. Any lube you like, our silicone toys are safe with all lubes. SHOVE a finger or a couple fingers inside the plug to the tip, (or find some twisted pig to assist), and work into your hole like any other butt-plug… CLENCH your hole while gently withdrawing your fingers…FUCK.

Pig Hole 1 – Small
Insertable Length: 3 inch ~ 76,2 mm
Widest Circumference: 6,5 inch ~ 165 mm
Opening: 1,25 inch ~ 32,8 mm

Pig Hole 2 – Medium
Insertable Length: 3,5 inch ~ 89 mm
Widest Circumference: 8 inch ~ 203 mm
Opening: 1,5 inch ~ 38 mm

Pig Hole 3 – Large
Insertable Length: 4 inch ~ 101,6 mm
Widest Circumference: 9 inch ~ 228,6 mm
Opening: 2,63 inch ~ 66,8 mm

Pig Hole 4 – Extra large
Insertable Length: 4,5 inch ~ 114,3 mm
Widest Circumference: 9,5 inch ~ 241,3 mm
Opening: 1,75 inch ~ 44,5 mm

Pig Hole 4 – XXL
Insertable Length: 5 inch ~ 127 mm
Widest Circumference: 10,25 inch ~ 260,4 mm
Opening: 1,88 inch ~ 47,8 mm

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