The World’s Most Comfortable Butt Plug (WMCBP) is truly the most comfortable butt plug you will ever wear.

For this newly updated rendition Mr. S changed out the aluminum and rubber for a solid piece of silicone. With an added in an internal weight, you will get that same heft you’ve come to know and love from their original design.

The shape of this plug makes insertion simple and once inside gives you a nice, full feeling. The narrow stem lets your hole relax so you can keep this plug lodged inside your hole comfortably. The rectangular base keeps the plug from going too deep and acts as a nice handle.

Once you try this plug out for yourself, you’ll see why it is earns its name!

Material: Silicone with steel core
Care: Clean with warm soapy water and let air dry or use a toy cleaner. Store separate from other toys, for example in a thin cotton bag or old sock.

Size chart Insert. length Diameter Weight
Small 2,5 in ~ 64 mm 1,3 in ~ 32 mm 124 gr.
Medium 3 in ~ 76 mm 1,5 in ~ 38 mm 240 gr.
Large 3,5 in ~ 89 mm 1,75 in ~ 45 mm 277 gr.
Extra large 4 in ~ 102 mm 2 in ~ 51 mm 408 gr.
XXL 6 in ~ 150 mm 2,25 in ~ 60 mm 635 gr.