The Mr. S Puppy Department has been hard at work making sure your tails are going to wag – introducing the Woof! Head Harness. They created the first Woof! Muzzle back in 2012 so decided it was time to give this best-selling product an upgrade. We hope you pups love what they’ve created!

First and foremost, they added color so you can really shine when you’re with your pack. The Mr. S Woof! Head Harness comes in 16 stock colors- the same neoprene colors as their Neo Puppy Hood and Neo K9 Hood, as well as the Bold Color line. That means you can match this head harness to your existing puppy hood and harness perfectly.

In addition to color it also has a more realistic nose, eyebrows and poseable ears. Shape the ears how you want to let everyone know how puppy is feeling.

The jaw features a Velcro tongue that you can place where ever you see fit. You can show your happy “I’ve had a lot of fun romping around” side with an extra-long tongue. Or, show off your super fun puppy personality with your tongue hanging out to the side.

The jaw is also removable when you want to have access to your mouth. When not using the jaw we recommend attaching the included elastic chin strap (you can find it snapped on the back of the head harness). You only need to use this strap when the jowl is removed.

One size fits most. Multiple levels of adjustability let you get the perfect fit.

A fun, original design – re-imagined by Mr. S Leather!