The new Leather Sport Jacket makes you look like you’re warming up for a big game, ready to get in and play. The signature ‘Loose Slim’ fit keeps you warm and makes you look hot. Solid black leather with colored stripes up the arms. Your choice of colors on the arm stripes lets you flag what you’re into, from the wrist all the way to the bottom of the shoulder. The color of your stripes matches to the lining on the 2 inch stand-up collar and that color carries down the inside of the zipper with a 4 inch accent. Zip the collar all the way up or let your colors show. Unlined suede interior feels great on your naked skin or over whatever you’re wearing – tee shirt, leather, neoprene or rubber. The Leather Sport Jacket moves with you and keeps you warm until you’re ready to play.

Stripe/Inside Collar are contrasted with white. Other color options are Red, Blue & Grey and can be ordered via e-mail.

A double layer of Lycra-cotton blend ribbing on the wrist cuffs keep the body heat in and the arms just where you want them, pushed up to the elbow or all the way down. The zipper is secured to the waistband with 2” leather extensions from the body panel giving a seamless feel to the front lines on the jacket. Curved detailing on the leather makes a feature of the double Lycra-cotton blend ribbing waistband. The look is secure and keeps your body heat in.

Leather lined front pockets give you a convenient place for your hands, phones and keys.

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