The double layer garment leather of this asymmetric shoulder harness feels great against your skin and doesn’t cut so it’s great for a long night out. The double strap over the left shoulder means this harness will really have you standing out in the crowd. Straps around the ribs are a nice and thick at 1 ½ inch, while the double shoulder strap measures approximately 1 inch.

This harness comes standard so that the double strap is over the left shoulder. These straps can be removed and replaced so that the double strap can sit on the right shoulder as well. Simply remove these straps and reattach them in between the two thicker straps on the opposite side. This is a great way to flag top and bottom or simply switch up your look depending on your mood.

We recommend having a friend or trick help you get your chest measurement to ensure accuracy. The measurement should be taken around your chest just above your nipples.

Size chartChest
Small / Medium36-41 inch / 91-104 cm
Large / Extra large42-45 inch / 106-114 cm