The straps wrap around the two inch body and attach to two separate buckles that can be worn either on top of the wrist or the underside – these are defiantly a cut above the traditional wristband.

The original design is made from supple greasy leather, but they have expanded the line to include soft garment leather. These are not only softer, but are double layers sewn together giving a more refined look that will surely enhance the rest of your gear.

The two slits on the Scorpio Wristband serve two functions; the bottom slit is where you insert and feed the holed tab through until it wraps around back to the buckle. After feeding the buckle, depending if there is any extra tab length, you may feed the extra length into the top slit [the one closest to the buckle] and back out the bottom slit, using it like a belt.

The tabs can also serve the function of sizing; the bottom slit has a slightly smaller constriction to it with the top slit offering a slightly larger constriction.

A Mr. S original design – sold individually.