It’s that last piece you grab when you’re gearing up for looking your best at any kink or leather event. Throw it over your shoulder, snap it onto your belt and look at how goddamn sexy you are. The Mr. S Leather Piped Sam Browne Shoulder Strap gives you the look of authority.

Whether you’re putting it on over a formal leather shirt, a uniform shirt, a tee or over your bare chest – a Sam Browne says, ‘I’m a player.’ They took a solid latigo strap and backed it in fine garment leather to add a color piped effect. Whatever you’re into, it’s right there on your chest.

A nickel buckle sets your look off.

The latigo keeper keeps things looking sharp and orderly when you’re wearing things nice and tight or even slacked up a little bit.

Keep the look going with the Piped Leather Belt.

Sizing for Made to Fit: Indicate the distance from the bottom of your belt on the front, over the opposite shoulder and back down to the bottom of your belt on the opposite side.