This is only the leather pouch that attaches to a harness, this does not include a complete harness.

Get that naked feeling while being covered just enough. The D-rings on this pouch attach to the Hunter Harness and Crossbow Body Harness styles, so you get a sexy leather look while being next to naked. You can even use these with Hunter getting Crossbow cockstraps so you get a nice tug on your meat with every step you take

Instructions for Getting into Your Nxt-2-Nakd Pouch:
The first thing to do is put on a nice fitting cock ring. The pouch has a small leather loop on the inside that is then going to snap around the base of your cock ring. Unsnap the strap, fold it around the cock ring and snap it back in place. That will keep this in place and prevent your junk from falling out the bottom or sides.

If using the trigger snaps from your Hunter or Crossbow body harness, just attach them to the hidden d-rings. It’s that easy. There are no leg or waist straps, so it may rest slightly away from your body, but rest assured that it’s not going anywhere.

If using your Hunter or Crossbow harness cockstraps, then unsnap the tabs of the pouch and wrap them around the cockstraps. Snap them back into place and you’re good to go!

Wearing this pouch is super liberating. You’ll feel a little “exposed”, but trust us, your dick won’t be accidentally falling out no matter what position you find yourself getting into.

Harnesses and cockstraps sold separately.