Introducing the latest and best iteration of the Mr. S leather puppy hood line from their in house designers.

To improve the design of their popular Leather Puppy Hood, they’ve completely redesigned the hood from the ground up.

The pattern of the crown is adjusted so it’s more like a baseball – meaning the leather will wrap around your head easier without bunching in the forehead. Combined with the lace-up back, this hood will fit you like a glove, and feel just as good too – so much that you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

The ears are more realistic and separated the eyebrows to mimic the upgrades they made to the neoprene hoods. Each ear tapers to a point and has a metal insert, so you can adjust the ear shape to suit your puppy-personality.

The removable snout lets you catch your breath after a good romp, provides you access to chew on your handler’s bone, or lick things you shouldn’t (or should?).

Mr. S Leather leads the world in puppy play gear. With this hood’s high-quality garment leather construction, uber comfortable fit, adorable ears, and removable snout, you’re guaranteed to be best in show.

If you get your hood dirty while romping around, Mr. S recommends Saddle Soap (Fiebings) as a safe way to clean your hood. Just be careful with the lighter colored leathers (especially white) because the soap can darken the color. If your hood feels papery or overly dry, you’ll need to apply some conditioner to reintroduce oils into the leather. 4 Way Care (Fiebings) is an excellent leather conditioner.

Size Brow circ. Chin over Crown
Small 21 in ~ 53,3 cm 25 in ~ 63,5 cm
Medium 22 in ~ 55,8 cm 26 in ~ 66 cm
Large 23 in ~ 58,4 cm 27 in ~ 68,6 cm
Extra large 24 in ~ 61 cm 28 in ~ 71,1 cm