One of the most effective and sexiest looking head muzzles they have ever designed. Five, one inch wide straps circle the head, enabling you to adjust and tighten this piece to fit just about anyone’s head. This is our padded version which includes a heavily padded mouthpiece for comfort, the fitted mouth piece cups the jaw and covers the mouth, muffling any sound your boy might try to make. The collar strap comes with a front neck D-ring that’s perfect for attaching a leash.

A top D-ring allows you to ‘anchor’ your victims head to a post or headboard. The top D-ring is NOT for suspension. We wouldn’t think we would have to mention that, but when some people see a D-ring they think they can hang somebody from it. Please don’t. Just use it as an ‘attachment’ point.

One of these Head Harness Muzzles belongs in any one’s collection of bondage head gear. Because of its comfort and easy breathing access, you can use this in a long term scene or even overnight.