This is a backorder product, we don’t carry this product in stock in our store. The current estimated production time for backorder products is around 8-10 weeks approximately. We will do our best to inform you as much as possible if this is the case on your order.

The Four Buckle Hand Restraints are a refinement of an original Fetters product and designed with safety in mind. Thick padded leather and 4 genuine latigo leather belts offer maximum support for your wrists. These restraints are constructed with top-quality, welded, nickel plated steel hardware to ensure that nothing will bend, break or snap when you’re playing. These restraints are cut ergonomically to provide plenty of support for over-the-head bondage positions and spread pressure more evenly to allow for heavier scenes.

These restraints can also be used like any other wrist restraint to keep the wearers hands where you want them – spread eagle, above their head during a good flogging or tickle session, tied to their feet, or even behind their back in a hog-tie.

Sizing: One size

It is not recommended to practice suspension bondage by the wrist with any gear.