This is only the cockstrap (incl. 2″ cockring) that attaches to the Latigo Bulldog Harness, this does not include the complete harness. Find the harness here.

This page is intended for you guys who already own the Mr. S Leather original Latigo Bulldog Harness and are just looking to get the additional cockstrap. If you don’t have the Latigo Bulldog Harness yet check it out here!

With these additional straps, every step you take will have you thinking about your dick. With your cock getting a nice tug with every movement you’re going to have a hard time keeping it down!

The Cock Strap connects to the front D-ring on the Bulldog Harness. An included two inch metal cockring connects your junk to your chest. Whatever moves you’re making, you get a nice pull on your cock.

Heavy nickel buckle lets you tighten the strap to get just the right tug. Guys’ eyes are going to be tracing your torso down to what you’re packing. Wear it with a pair of jeans and keep ‘em guessing or balls out naked. Both ends of the cockstrap have snaps that allow you to remove the cockstrap when you want to just wear the Bulldog Harness. You can also change the size on the cockring with the bottom-end snap.

The length of the strap is adjustable from 15,75 inch ~ 40 cm to 19,5 inch ~ 49,5 cm.
You measure this from the center of your chest (where the bottom of the D-ring is/would be) to your cock. This size will fit most, if you need a different length, please contact us and we’ll get you the right size!