Thick 1 1/4 inch latigo leather straps have a 1 ½ inch garment leather backing that adds a bold color accent. The straps wrap around over your shoulders and under your pits. Cross straps lay just above your pecs, drawing attention to the chest you’re proud of. This harness gives just about anyone that big barrel chest look. Four nickel buckles connect the straps in the front and further enhance the masculine look on this harness. Rivets keep everything secure no matter how hard he’s pulling you around and the garment leather backing on the straps feel great against your skin.

Red, White, Blue all pop against the heavy black strapping and your bare skin. Take the black piping for a more subtle look. Get the color that matches your kink.

Attach the Mr. S Leather Short Leash to keep him real close.

Size Chart

Small/Medium36-40 inch ~ 91,4-101,6 cm
Medium/Large40-44 inch ~ 101,6-111,8 cm
Large/Extra large44-48 inch ~ 111,8-121,9 cm