Mr. S Leather makes more than 45 styles of Leather & Rubber Hoods. Sensory Deprivation of the head is very sexy and mind fucking and one of the Mr. S signatures of Bondage gear. All their hoods are intended to isolate the body and fuck with the mind. This New Asylum Hood combines some of the best features we have used on a number of other hoods from our collection.

They have taken the lower half of one of their Asylum Masks that can cover the mouth and chin opening as well as goes up over the nose. They also created a new padded Blindfold that covers the eye openings.

Both these leather coverings are bucked to the sides and top of the hood when you want to isolate your boy completely. When not using these two covers, you have open eyes and an open mouth and chin for easy breathing or sucking your favorite cock. Nose holes are part of the main body of the hood, however, the lower mouth and chin cover is made without any nose holes and when buckled on, covers the nose holes on the hood itself. When the blindfold is also strapped on your breathing will be labored as your air will come from around the edges of the two covers. You can still breath alright, but it becomes a very intense scene.

This hood laces up the back and does Not include a locking collar.

Use either One or both of the covering at a time or neither of them….giving this hood a number of different options as to how it functions. Having slept in this hood overnight, without the covers buckled on, we can attest to how comfortable it is to wear for extended periods.