The thin, feel good lambskin hugs your body beautifully for a look that’s going to kill. You’re going to love the way the leather feels on your body so much that this may just become your new go-to leather shirt.

This Classic Shirt can be tucked in and worn with your leather pants for a more formal look, or you can untuck it and leave it open for a come fuck me look. The lambskin fits to your body like a glove but isn’t restricting- it stretches with you. Plus, its thinness means you’ll stay cooler than you would with a thicker leather shirt.

Epaulettes on the shoulder are perfect for slipping your Sam Browne Shoulder Strap through and two front pockets on the chest give you a spot for some cards or cash.

This shirt is really one of the most comfortable leather shirts you will ever wear. A classic design in a great new material from Mr. S Leather.

Care & Cleaning Recommendations
Due to the thinness of the lambskin there are some care considerations we recommend that will keep your shirt looking its best. Think of your new lambskin shirt like you would a formal dress shirt. We recommend hanging this garment up when you’re not wearing it to prevent wrinkles. Don’t leave it crumpled on the floor or leave it under heavy objects. If you do get some wrinkles you can use a steamer to get them out. Just as with all leather garments, do not put any adhesives or stickers on the leather as that will ruin the beautiful finish.

If you need to clean your lambskin shirt you’re going to follow the same care instructions as any other leather garment. First, clean it with saddle soap and then condition it with a proper Leather Conditioner. This will keep the leather supple and have your garment looking good for years.

An original Mr. S Leather design.

Small38-39 in ~ 96-99 cm
Medium40-41 in ~ 101-104 cm
Large41-42 in ~ 104-107 cm
Extra large42-43 in ~ 107-109 cm