Whether you’re looking to go formal or casual, the Mr. S Classic Leather Shirt has got you covered. Made from the highest quality hides so it feels as good as it looks. They kept things really simple on this shirt so you wear it, it doesn’t wear you. The moment you slip into it you’ll be ready to take on the world. Cut just right so you can wear this tucked in for a more formal look or out for a more relaxed look. Either way, you’ll be the one everyone’s looking at.

Button front design with two front chest pockets so you’ve got a place for your cards and cash. Stylized epaulettes on the shoulders and darts in the back give you elements you won’t find on your run of the mill shirt. In this shirt you’ll be ready for a title run or a night out on the town.

Small38-39 in ~ 96-99 cm
Medium40-41 in ~ 101-104 cm
Large41-42 in ~ 104-107 cm
Extra large42-43 in ~ 107-109 cm