Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to get anal lubrication right, It may not reach the right spot, it can be messy or fiddly to get it out from the tube or other dispenser and it can prove to be a hold up that gets in the way of passion.

Fortunately Clear Stream have come up with a very practical and easy-to-use product which solves all these possible problems in a very neat way. The Clean Stream Lubricant Launcher does exactly what it says. It launches a lubricant of choice deep into the rectum quickly, cleanly and neatly.

The launcher is over 5 inches long so it can reach to exactly where the lube is needed and, in one quick plunge of the tube, it’s done.

The launcher comes with two spare casings which can be very handy when more than just one application is needed to achieve the level of lubrication needed to ensure a friction-free experience.

Do not use with silicone lubricant!