Stretch your anal play with the new Open Wide by Brutus, coming in three sizes so that every hole can enjoy this new sensation. Made from the finest silicone material, inserting the Open Wide will feel extremely smooth. The further it is inserted, the more you will feel the resistance of the splitting tip, wanting to stretch you out. Once the Open Wide is in, the smart grip at the end makes sure it will stay in, as well as providing a great grip to slowly taking it out again.

Total length: 3,8 inch ~ 97 mm
Insertable length: 3,6 inch ~ 92 mm
Max. Diameter: 3 inch ~ 75 mm

Total length: 4,6 inch ~ 118 mm
Insertable length: 4 inch ~ 101 mm
Max. Diameter: 3,6 inch ~ 92 mm

Extra large
Total length: 5,3 inch ~ 134 mm
Insertable length: 5 inch ~ 128 mm
Max. Diameter: 4,3 inch ~ 108 mm