For the real anal lovers who want to expand their boundaries in the world of anal play, Brutus presents the Hot Drops. Four connected large balls per item require serious dedication to use them all. The Hot Drops offer four huge stretches in one toy! With three different sizes, each with its own length and diameter of the balls, all you have to do is select the right size for you. High quality silicone ensures that the insertion of each section of the balls feels silky smooth. A loop at the end of the hot drops allows a firm grip to pull them out as quickly or slowly as you want.

Total length: 17 inch ~ 430 mm
Insertable length: 15,5 inch ~ 395 mm
Max. Diameter: 1,7 inch ~ 40 mm

Extra Large
Total length: 20,4 inch ~ 520 mm
Insertable length: 19,3 inch ~ 490 mm
Max. Diameter: 2 inch ~ 50 mm

Total length: 21,8 inch ~ 554 mm
Insertable length: 20,9 inch ~ 530 mm
Max. Diameter: 2,4 inch ~ 60 mm