With this new shape, anal gaping becomes more fun than ever before. This innovative shape of the Chalice lets you play endlessly with your partner, or yourself. Start with the narrow tip and slowly feel the width of the Chalice increasing as you push him further and further. You will feel the stretch, but the silky-smooth silicone will make entering extremely comfortable. Once in, the wide grip hooks at the end of the Chalice will make sure it stays in place, while also giving a firm grip to have perfect control when taking it out. The Chalice comes in three different sizes, so that everyone can enjoy this innovative shape.

Total length: 3,1 inch ~ 80 mm
Insertable length: 3 inch ~ 75 mm
Max. Diameter: 1,9 inch ~ 48 mm
Inner Diameter: 1 inch ~ 25 mm

Total length: 3,7 inch ~ 95 mm
Insertable length: 3,5 inch ~ 90 mm
Max. Diameter: 2,3 inch ~ 58 mm
Inner Diameter: 1,2 inch ~ 30 mm

Extra large
Total length: 4,4 inch ~ 113 mm
Insertable length: 4,3 inch ~ 108 mm
Max. Diameter: 2,7 inch ~ 68 mm
Inner Diameter: 1,4 inch ~ 35 mm