For all the guys here who love heavy CBT play and know some balls that can take a punch, we have the stainless steel ball crusher.

Disassembles into 3 main parts:

  • The stainless steel ball ring (also disassembles into 2 parts)
  • The stainless steel ball socket
  • The stainless steel grinder/crusher

Total weight: 1,725 kg

Stainless steel ball ring:
Diameter outside: 75 mm
Diameter inside: 34 mm
Height: 15 mm

Stainless steel ball socket:
Diameter outside: 75 mm
Diameter inside: 57 mm
Height: 65 mm

Stainless steel grinder / crusher:
Diameter outside: 56 mm
Height: 112 mm

Disassembled it contains the following parts:
2x half stainless steel ball ring, stainless steel ball socket, stainless steel grinder/crusher, 2x screw bolts for ball ring, 2x screwbolts for ball ring to ball socket, 2x screwbolts for grinder to ball socket, 2x Hex L-wrenches.