The Black Label Magnetic Ballstretcher clips on and off using a strong magnet, which avoids the need for screws and allen keys.

  • No more lost keys!! One Click and that’s all!!
  • Made from smooth stainless steel and in a variety of sizes and weights
  • No more hex key to worry about. These weights use magnets to close
  • The rounded edges and smooth brushed-steel feel great against your skin
  • Please avoid solvents or water use only alcohol to clean magnet area.
  • Be careful not to pinch any loose skin in the gap between the metal at this stage.

Size chart

Size / HeightInner diameterWeight
14 mm35 mm190 gram
20 mm35 mm280 gram
30 mm35 mm400 gram
40 mm35 mm550 gram
56 mm35 mm750 gram