His dick is going to get hard in anticipation of the solid acrylic plate that rises and threatens to crush his balls. Twist the two screws on the bottom plate and watch his eyes grow larger as he starts to feel the pressure. It won’t be long before just a fraction of a turn has him panting and begging for mercy. The clear acrylic lets you get a great view of his flattened nuts from every angle and it gives a great view of the crushed nuts.

Can be disassembled into 3 parts. The top splits into two parts, so the scrotum can fit in snugly.
The bottom part contains the spikes, which can be retracted or made longer using the included hex key.

Inner diameter testicle cuff: 2 inch ~ 51 mm x 26,4 mm ~ 1 inch
Length: 5 inch ~ 127 mm
Width: 2,5 inch ~ 63,5 mm