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Support our store with a Prepaid Card

Please support our store in these challenging times!

Help us by buying an official Underground Fetish Prepaid Card for your future purchases in our physical store and get a 20% bonus!

The Corona Pandemic is hitting the world hard, including our little shop in Amsterdam. People are not shopping around anymore and staying home, which is obviously very smart and responsible.

However as a result sales in our physical shop have slowed down enormously, but salaries, rent and bills still need to get paid. Help us get through this periode by paying now for your future purchases!

What is in it for you?
First off, you’d help out a store that has been in the heart of our community for more than 15 years, supporting dozens of non-profit organisations throughout the years. Now we need your support! On top of the bonus of 20%, you get instant karma points and that should also feel pretty good!
Secondly, when the situation is under control and you feel like shopping again, you just come over and spend your credit on whatever you like!

How does it work?

You can choose between three different prepaid cards, either €25,-, €50,- or €100,-. No matter which one you decide on you will always get 20% extra credit to spend as a thank you for buying the card.

Step 1: Press the ‘add to cart’ button to put the prepaid card into your basket, open your basket and pay. This will create an account for you in our system.
Step 2: Once we’ve received your order, we will book the credit to your account.
Step 3: You will receive an email with your prepaid card. Please show it, printed or digitally, when in the store.
Step 4: Come by our Amsterdam store whenever you feel like it and shop around. You can spend the value of your card in parts or at once, your choice.

Thank you for supporting our store in these difficult times!

You can only use the prepaid card in our physical store in Amsterdam.

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