New in store: Mr. S Woof Head Harness

Floppy Ears the hood has go… I mean the WOOF! muzzle has gotten a make over! Mr. S Leather created the WOOF! muzzle back in 2012 in Neoprene and Leather, so after 7 years it was about time it got a little pup-sibling!

The WOOF! Head Harness has the floppy ears that run in the family, but due to cross-breeding with the new Neo K9 Hoods has given this newest family member with color patches and a more realistic nose! Heck it even got eyebrows!

It comes in the 16 stock colors of neoprene from Mr. S, so it will match you’re existing or future gear perfectly! While we don’t have all 16 colors in stock at the moment, we can always order it for you if we don’t have it! Just get in touch with us!

Mr. S Neoprene WOOF! Head Harness Purple