You can’t go wrong with this puppy tail! This all black tail will look perfect with every pup outfit that you’ve got and it will feel perfect because it is an original SquarePeg tail. Made from 100% silicone that is springy and wiggles easily with every body movement.

Why is the SquarePeg Puppy Tail still the best on the market? These tails are produced in a cold cast process that allows for precision molding. This means they can be reliably duplicated with all the different design elements that make this tail really work as it should. Hot melt rubbers and vinyls can’t and don’t. Also, when considering the safety of long-term wear, only silicone is free of any plasticizers or other chemicals. Silicone naturally provides the right amount of bounce and weight to make the most realistic wag- other rubbers are too stiff and brittle.

These tails are produced with seamless construction so they don’t cut or irritate your hole. Super comfortable egg shape and narrow “anvil” tip for comfort and to allow you to wag your tail without moving but rather by simply squeezing your hole. Perfectly proportioned tail for maximum bounce and responsiveness.

Tails are not designed to be sat upon directly.

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