Nutter Electro is a fat fleshy sack covered in veins that’s designed to encase your balls and zap your sack. It comes with two 4mm aircraft aluminum contacts for hours of nasty electro-play, made from FLEX-TPR so it’s thick and blubbery but squishy enough to mold n’ stretch to the shape of your sack.

A built-in version of Oxballs best-selling UNIT-X holds NUTTER ELECTRO tightly to your junk, even when you’re thrashing around while your nuts gets zapped.

Material: FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic and phthalate free
Lube safe: Water-based
Cleaning: Detergent and hot water

NOTE: In order to create an electrical current, two electrodes (whether adhesive, aluminum, etc.) must be plugged into the same stim unit via the appropriate connectors.

Cock and Ball hole Diameter: 4,25 inch ~ 108 mm
Cock hole Diameter: 1 inch ~ 25,4 mm
Ball hole Diameter: 3,25 inch ~ 82,3 mm
Total Length: 5 inch ~ 127 mm