OXBALLS, has your ass covered…or in this case, plugged. With their Color Swirl Puppy Tail butt plug, you can finally become the quadruped you were born to be…the best GOOD BOI!

Each tail is made from their signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so they’re rubbery n’ stretchy but still firm enough to stay planted up your pup butt…perfect for wigglin’ and waggin’ while you’re on all fours or shakin’ your fuzzy buns. The Oxballs tails are so comfy; it won’t be long before it feels like just another natural part of your body.

And with several color options to choose from, you can flag your fetish or mix n’ match with your favorite gear. Each tail is individually hand poured right here in our factory, so no two tails are alike. This creates random swirls and patterns every time. Some tails will have more black or more color than others.

The tapered ergo plug is designed for comfort wear n’ use and to “lock” tightly up your pup-pucker…no need to worry about stopping your scene to try and wrestle your tail back in with gloved mitts.

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  • Lube: Water-based (recommended).
  • Cleaning: detergent and hot water, diluted bleach/water solution, dishwasher.
  • Made in the USA, from Oxballs’ signature Pure Platinum Grade Silicone