The Mr. S Neoprene Woof! Muzzle lets you be the rambunctious and free pup we know you are. Made of durable and soft to the touch neoprene that is easy to clean so you can get your nose into everything. Once you slip into this muzzle you’ll immediately be transported into pup headspace. Bite on the tongue brace and the mouth will move and as you move your ears will wiggle showing off your fun pup side. This muzzle easily lets you wear glasses so you don’t need to go blind in the pit.

The tongue is attached with Velcro so you can wash it and position it in whatever mood you are. You can show your happy “I’ve had a lot of fun romping around” side with an extra long tongue or show off your quirky personality with your tongue hanging out to the side. Want to change it up? Get a replacement tongue in a different color!

The jowl is removable so you won’t overheat when you’re moshing around. To keep the hood on with the jowl removed they’ve included an elastic chin strap. You only need to use this strap when the jowl is removed.

A fun, original design brought to you by Mr. S Leather!

Brow Circumference: 21 – 23 inch ~ 54 – 60 cm
Chin Over Crown: 25 – 27 inch ~ 63 -69 cm