We still have three of the older model Mr. S K9 Leather Puppy Hoods in store that have been looking for a new home for a while now. While we love them dearly, we’d love it even more if they found some cute puppies who will wear them with pride! For a limited time we’re putting them on sale, so get one now!

The Grey and Brown hoods are a size Medium.
The Tan hood is a size Large.

Tails are going to start wagging. The Mr. S Puppy Department has been hard at work and the K9 Leather Puppy Hood is the treat of their labor. The rawhide lace in the back makes getting this hood on nice and tight really easy. Removable muzzle allows you to take a breather after a rough puppy mosh without needing to get out of pup headspace. Moldable ears lets you show off your unique pup personality… good, bad, scared or happy – you decide!

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To measure your brow, place the measuring tape just above the eyebrow and wrap the tape straight around the head.

Puppy tested and approved!