The sizing of these pants follow the actual inch measurement of your waist. Don’t order these in your ‘regular’ jeans size, these sizings do not correspond with each other

These shorts were made for fucking. They wanted to make a pair of shorts that would make you guys feel sexy while being in next to nothing! High quality garment leather that fits nice and tight like a pair of chaps should. They used a chap style buckle waistband on these sexy as fuck shorts. Three levels of adjustability in the front and rawhide lacing in the back. Finished edge on the leg with a 5 inch inseam. Included are two removable holsters on each side so you have a place for your phone, cash and lube. All black hardware keeps these looking nice and stealth. These are going to be fucking great at all the backrooms in Berlin.

Waist Sizing – True Inch Measurements, Not your Jean Size

Size Chart

ThighWaist Options
20 inch30 – 31 inch or 32 – 33 inch
21 inch32 – 33 inch or 34 – 35 inch
22 inch32 – 33 inch or 34 – 35 inch
23 inch34 – 35 inch or 36 – 37 inch
24 inch34 – 35 inch or 36 – 37 inch
25 inch36 – 37 inch or 38 – 39 inch