You’re going to love getting down and dirty in our FuckGear Apron. Wash machine friendly so get it as filthy as you want to! Sailor front flap lets you pull your dick out whenever you want. Adjustable shoulder straps mean this apron will fit almost anyone.

They doubled up the material on this apron so that what you see on the outside is exactly the same on the inside. What that means is this apron is going to feel so great rubbing against your cock you might not want to take it off. Two internal side pockets give you a place to store your lube, brown bottle and condoms. Measures 39” / 99 cm long (from chest to bottom of apron.)

Wear it with one of the Mr. S FuckGear Play Jocks or FuckGear Chaps for a full on rubbery look. Or just let it all hang out and go commando. We’re sure no one will mind.

A must have for a dirty fucking night out. With access to pretty much everything you can’t go wrong!