No more running, no more hiding, the Lodbrock Goo Plate holds your sub in place.
The fine wooden Goo Plate looks good and feels great and means you can keep your play partners exactly where you want them. Hang it vertically or horizontally at any height or take it free style. It is a versatile system that allows you to choose your desired height and position.

The set contains:
The Goo Plate: Made from aged New Zealand pine wood, the Schlossmeister Goo Plate is, like all our products, solid and stylish. All hinges and hasps have been stamped and machined in-house using heavy duty materials to ensure longevity and safety during rough play.
Leather Inlays: The set includes two padded neck inlays. Held in place by strong magnets, the comfortable leather inlays can easily be removed for people with larger joints.
Chains & Fittings: All chains and bow shackles have been manufactured in-house.
The set includes two canvas sacks containing 2 x 1.8m of heavy duty chains and 8 bow shackles made to the same high standards.
Ceiling Mounts: Premium-grade steel mounts for fastening chains to ceilings or joists.
The metal is casted in-house and the Lodbrock stamp assures you of quality workmanship.
There are two included in the set.

The Goo Plate comes in a beautiful handcrafted cedar box. Structured and strengthened at the edges, the box underlines the unique character of Lodbrock’s Schlossmeister Collection.

To increase the fun, all our Schlossmeister products can easily be daisy chained!

Goo Plate: 46 x 40 x 5 cm
Box: 610 x 41 x 10 cm
Total Goo Plate Set Weight: 13 kg
Goo Plate Neck Hole (without inlays): 150 mm
Materials: New Zealand pine, cedar, steel, real leather, canvas