You can stretch your sub in the Schlossmeister Foot Pillory with holes for the hands and feet.
You can play freestyle or use the pillory in horizontal or vertical positions with the supplemental metal chains and fittings.

Made from aged New Zealand pine wood, the Schlossmeister Foot Pillory is solid and stylish. All hinges and hasps have been stamped and machined in-house using heavy duty materials to ensure longevity and safety during rough play.

Included are four padded foot inlays and four padded wrist inlays.
Held in place by powerful magnets, the comfortable leather inlays can easily be removed for people with larger joints. It just feels good using it.

Foot Pillory: 96 x 26 x 5.5 cm
Weight: 6 kg
Foot Pillory Wrist Holes (without inlays): 70 mm
Foot Pillory Ankle Holes (without inlays): 90 mm
Materials: New Zealand pine, steel, real leather, MDF, magnets

Every item is handmade – surface textures and absolute dimensions may differ slightly.