If your sub is in the need for some strict enforcement than take this humbler, wrap his balls in it.

Your sub will not be able to get of the knees and will be completely at your mercy. The perfectly designed curve is designed to stretch to the adjustable opening.

The pull on the balls will increase when your sub tries to stand up. This will keep hem bent over to do whatever you want.


  • Locking Mechanism
  • locked / unlocked in a second
  • Crystal clear Poly Carbonate


  • Length 13,4 inch / 34 cm
  • Width 1,1 inch / 27 mm


  • 350 gr (12,5 oz)

Testicle enclosure:

  • 2,7 inch / 70 mm wide
  • 1,1 inch / 27 mm deep
  • 0,5 inch / 12 mm inner height